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   Today I am celebrating publishing my 100th Devotional/Inspirational and taking this time to reflect and plan for the next 100 too. There have been visitors from 16 Countries, over 800 views, and almost 300 visitors since the beginning of the year. Almost all have came in a three month period as there was a 6 month time of inactivity.

   I count it an honor to be able to share God’s Word and His impact He has had in my life, and I do not take this task lightly. All of my inspiration comes from the Lord, and while some (not many) devotions come easy, others are brought forth from lots of praying and seeking.

   As I look back on some writings, I am amazed that God can use me the way He does. There are many times that I sit back and know that in my own power and talents, I couldn’t have written them. So in honor of the 100th, I am honoring God for coming and getting His 100th!

    In Matthew 18:12-13, Jesus talks of the parable of the lost sheep. The man left the ninety nine to seek the one that was straying, and when he found it, rejoiced more over that one than the ninety nine that didn’t go astray. (They probably deserved some praise too don’t you think for staying put and not running from him?) I believe, even though the Bible doesn’t say, that the stray sheep willingly followed him back because of the man’s love for him.

    I can proudly say that I am that 100th sheep as many reading this are too. We were going astray from God and He sought us. Found us. He then rejoiced when we saw Him. After we thought about all the effort and time He invested in seeking us, (the parable says he went to the mountains as some of us were way off the beaten path too), and the love that He showed for making it His priority to find us, we willingly followed Him and still do today.

   In verse 11 of this same chapter Jesus said that He “came to save that which was lost”. I am so glad that He saved me by the way of the Cross. That was some 20 years ago, and as I came to the sheepfold, many wondrous things He has done in my life and loved ones lives. God doesn’t seek us with the intention to say “I told you so”, but rejoicing that we would stop straying and come with Him to a life everlasting. Thank you Lord for coming after this 100th!

Elder Steve Smith

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