Everybody prays in their own unique way, and what works for some doesn’t quite work for others. Some people pray on bended knee, some prostrate on the floor, some standing… For me, I am a walker. I love being outside with no distractions, just walking and talking to Jesus. I feel more connected to Him there than being inside for some reason. I can’t explain it. Maybe someone reading this can relate. I don’t know if it’s sacrilegious, disrespectful to our Lord, but I do what I feel brings me closer to Him.

   I oftentimes find myself praying in the shower. I’ve thought about a couple of times because I thought maybe it wasn’t appropriate, but I have gotten a lot of really good revelations in there. God reminded me that Adam & Eve were naked and in His presence. It’s our sin that clothes us. A pure and forgiven heart breaks down the covering factor. For some, the bathroom is their only escape from everyone in the house. I believe we shouldn’t let anything come between us and praying to Jesus. I know some people think prayer should be done a certain way, with certain words, at set times of the day. Yes, that’s prayer, but I want to go deeper. So for me to do that I have to shed off the religiosity and just be me. Does God take offense? I don’t think so.

   This morning I was outside enjoying the cooler weather and having a cup of coffee watching Maggie (one of our furry family members) run around the yard as she always does because of all the squirrels playing in the trees. Buddy was just hanging low, laying beside me watching her. I was praying and talking to Jesus like He was there next to me. Just a normal conversation and yes, I do hear Him talk to me occasionally. Not audibly, but in my spirit. It’s how I pray. Sounds weird to some I know, but I can think of the many long walks I used to do in the other place we lived at. I never knelt, just walked and had conversations with Him. Sharing how I felt. What concerned me. Who was on my heart… just everything. A normal conversation. Many times He would communicate back and I would feel His presence so strong.

   I’m not telling you how you should pray. That’s up to you. But sometimes we have to get outside the box of the mundane, and instead of giving Him our shopping list everyday, just talk to Him. Walk with Him. Have coffee with Him. Talk to Him in the shower if you are comfortable with that. I know someone that prays while she’s in the tub and sometimes when cutting the grass. The Bible says for us to pray without ceasing (Ref: 1 Thes. 5:17).

   If you are praying and just feel like you are going through the motions, and have lost the emotions, take time and invite Jesus over for some really deep talks. Connect back with Him with whatever means, even if it’s just going for a walk. Sitting out in the backyard with a cup of coffee. Just a one on one conversation. He hears our hearts, and maybe He’ll share His.

Elder Steve Smith

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