Talking about wisdom here. Seems like we don’t hear much about it now days. I remember growing up I heard people say to listen to our elders and learn from them because they have wisdom. Kids today think they are born with it, or because they accomplished something in life that they are now an expert in all things. I know, I was one of them but it didn’t take long to figure it out that I didn’t have all the answers.

  My dad was my main source of help with hands-on things like working on cars, fixing things around the house, building things with wood… but he’s been with the Lord now for over 15 years so I can’t call him when I’m stuck hanging a ceiling fan, trying to troubleshoot why my car won’t start… You see, I could go to him for answers because he had experience and wisdom in those matters. Or even if he didn’t have the hands on experience, he had the wisdom from other things to be able to shed some light and offer a possible resolve.

  In the book of James, and many other places in the Bible it stresses the importance of wisdom. Solomon was asked by God what he wanted the most. Solomon could have said great wealth, a better character… but he realized he needed wisdom the most. He saw that to rule his people he needed something he didn’t already possess. Godly Wisdom. So that’s what he asked for and God confirmed that it was the right answer. Solomon didn’t want the wisdom for personal gain, but to lead God’s people. To be a better Solomon.

  We face so many problems in life. Decisions we have to make. Multiple choices that almost leave us in turmoil because we can’t decide and are fearful of choosing wrongly. We want to better ourselves and our lives but don’t have a clue how to. All of this wisdom we thought we had is minuscule compared to what we need to know. Solomon knew that, and that’s why he asked for it.

There comes a point in our life when we realize that God never meant for us to do this on our own. In our own strength. With our limited knowledge and wisdom, but through His wisdom.

  That’s what wisdom is really for, so that we can become better at being us for His glory. James said 1:5-7 NKJV, and I’m adding my own commentary along with it:

“If any of you lacks wisdom (Godly Wisdom; it’s resources are not limited to our understanding or abilities, but by God’s infinite knowledge),
let him ask of God (this should be our first course or action, not a reaction to being overwhelmed),
who gives to all liberally (He gives freely. We don’t have to beg for it or hope we might get it. It is there for the asking and for everyone. We can’t tap out God’s power by thinking we are asking too much from Him)
and without reproach (He will not scold us, make fun of us, be critical and say “I told you so, you should have came to me sooner”),
and it will be given to him (this doesn’t say it might be given it to us, but it “will” be given).
But let him ask in faith (this is the hard part for a lot of us. We ask and “hope” we might get it. But really this means when we ask, we should believe that it’s already done. That wisdom is on the way. That wisdom will be manifesting and guiding us. That it is done and all we have to do is activate it),
with no doubting (if asking in faith is the hard part, “with no doubting” is the hardest. Just as we know our paycheck is going to be there every payday, is the same way we pray for God to give us wisdom. No doubts! That as soon as we ask for it, it is deposited into our account),
for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind (I’ll just leave this one for you to chew on, and see it in your mind how doubt is not rooted in anything but confusion and anxiety) .
For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord (this is the part that cuts deep. When we ask from God and don’t believe in faith that we are going to receive it, we get stuck in mid-ground of questions circling our minds like vultures in the sky. We ask from God, but then we let doubt poke its head through the door when we should be slamming the door and believing that God said He would do what He said He would do. Then we walk away in defeat without even a glimpse of victory. Notice I’m including myself because I have been there too).

  I challenge you today, as I have done, to read these verses over and over again until doubt is shoved to the side, and faith takes completely over. The verses preceding these talks about trials. We need Godly wisdom to see beyond our trials, for everyday living, and to be better at being us through Him, who gives wisdom to all liberally.

Elder Steve Smith

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